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I am an Indian, who want to do something for my country. My name, age, gender, religion, location is neither important nor necessary; so I am keeping this information to myself only :)


Since past few years, all the inequalities & unfairness of Indian laws were causing me headache & indigestion (not literally, LOL). I was always willing to raise my voice against it. But because of the bad governance and political unwillingness, I had no hopes that anyone would listen such voice.

So, all credit goes to the man who not only gave encouragement to raise our voice but also gave hope that Government Of India may listen us. And that person is none other than our beloved & the most respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.


I apologize for all grammatical and spelling mistakes. I also apologize to those people who have to pay income tax after implementation of #ITR2015 reforms. Please consider it as your share in the progress of our own country.

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